The history of chassis PWR 01-55

Chassis Number PWR 01-55, sometimes known as PWR VE010, was debuted as a Holden Commodore VE by PWR Racing.


Team: PWR Racing Model: Holden Commodore VE

PWR0155 PWR0155 PWR0155

This was a brand new VE Commodore built by Dencar in 2007 for PWR Racing.

The chassis number was originally given to the V8 Sleuth as PWR 01/55 - the '01' referred to the first Holden built by the PWR team after previously using ex-HRT Commodores and the '55' was a continuation of the Dencar chassis numbers given the previous car had been Dencar 54 that had become HRT 054.

In later years it emerged that the PWR team referred to this car as 'VE010', which will presume means that it was the 10th car used across the time that Paul Weel Racing ran Falcons and then PWR Racing later ran Commodores.

Either way, this car was debuted by Paul Dumbrell as the #20 Supercheap Auto Commodore VE at the 2007 Clipsal 500 and Dumbrell raced it all season, except for Queensland Raceway where Paul Weel stepped into the car when PD sat out with a broken finger.

The duo teamed up for the enduros, finishing sixth in the Sandown 500 and 12th at Bathurst before Dumbrell finished off the season in the car.



Team: PWR Racing Model: Holden Commodore VE

PWR0155 PWR0155

Car retained by PWR Racing as a spare chassis in 2008, though forced back into action for the Gold Coast event after Paul Weel's massive practice accident at Bathurst.

This car was driven by Andrew Thompson as the #50 PWR Racing Commodore from the Gold Coast through to the final round of the year at Oran Park, which was PWR Racing's last race before it closed down in the off-season.



Team: Privateer Model: Holden Commodore VE

This car remained idle in 2009 and 2010 before it was purchased by Steve Voight in late 2010.



Team: Matt Stone Racing Model: Holden Commodore VE

PWR0155 PWR0155

Car retained by Steve Voight in 2011 and it underwent a major upgrade mid-way through the season at Matt Stone Racing, which ran Voight in the car as the #50 Hercules-backed Commodore at the Bathurst round of the Fujitsu V8 Supercar Series.

"It hasn't turned a wheel since then (Oran Park 2008) so there was a little bit of work to be done with wiring under the new rules and also some roll cage updates," Matt Stone told the V8 Sleuth in September 2011.

"We're just in the final stages of getting the roll cage updated and we should be ready to test later in the month."

At the end of the year the car was sold to V8 Ute racer Nandi Kiss, who tested it at Eastern Creek before Christmas ahead of his plans to race in the Dunlop Series in 2012.



Team: Nandi Kiss Racing Model: Holden Commodore VE

PWR0155 PWR0155

Car became Nandi Kiss' #24 Pacific Hoists Commodore VE in the Dunlop Series, having his first start in the car in the opening round in Adelaide.

He became a series regular in 2012 after leaving the V8 Utes Series, though had a decent-sized crash in qualifying at Bathurst, which necessitated repairs prior to the next round at Winton in November.



Team: Nandi Kiss Racing Model: Holden Commodore VE


Car again campaigned by Nandi Kiss' team in the 2013 Dunlop Series, though he elected to step out of it and put Chris Alajajian into the seat, who made his first start in the DVS in the opening round in Adelaide in four years.

Kiss stepped back into the car for the second round in Perth and drove the car for the rest of the season in the Dunlop Series, finishing with the season-ending Sydney 500.

The car was also tested during the car in October at Wakefield Park by Swedish driver Fredrik Lestrup with a video file included here in the car's history of the test.



Team: Dragon Motor Racing Model: Holden Commodore VE II

PWR0155 PWR0155

This car was sold at the end of the 2013 season to Denis Gallagher, who fronted up a new V8 Supercar team planning to compete in the Dunlop Series in 2014 dubbed Gallagher Motorsport, though the banner the team later competed under was Dragon Motor Racing.

It was repainted black and remained with the #24 to be driven by Tim Macrow, though they missed the opening round at Adelaide and debuted at Winton before missing the Perth round.

This car was run under the Dragon Motor Racing banner at Townsville but was damaged in the Saturday race and failed to start on the Sunday. 

It then appeared at Queensland Raceway with Ben Schoots driving, however engine problems put it on the sidelines early in the weekend and the car was not seen for the rest of the season from that point onwards.



Team: Privateer Model: Holden Commodore VE II

This car had remained idle in the hands of Dragon Motor Racing boss Tony Klein for a few years before a deal was being done in December 2017 for the car to be acquired by Alex Sidwell and flown to the UK for him to add to his existing ex-PWR/HRT and ex-Tasman Commodores.


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