First outing of 2017

The first bank holiday of May and it was more than the usual typical bank holiday of weather.

Our first race of the year was meant to be with a new series "UKV8's", this was to be run within the MSVR Allcomers but unfortunately only two V8's bothered to enter, the other one being an ex PWR AU with a 7.0 Saleen engine. For some unknown reason though the UKV8's were not entered as a separate category within the race. Due to the type of event it was a very mixed bag of cars, with Radicals, Jade,'s, Clio, BMW's, Caterham's etc. As with pretty much every outing of a VE the weather was to play a part in proceedings, the VE seems to attract wet weather, which is a shame as the races were being held on the GP circuit. This is much better suited to the Holden's and they can stretch their legs a little. Qualifying was to be on a wet circuit but we qualified a respectable 6th, had it been dry the we should have easily been fighting to pole. The first race was possibly looking like it could be dry but not long before we were due to be called to the assembly area the rain started to come down, then on the way to pits it rained so hard the pit lane and track began to flood. The rain came down so quick and heavy there was even a waterfall coming off the pit wall. Check out our facebook page for the video's. Several of us had taken cover in garages but there was no announcements as to when the race would actually start, pulling up into the assembly area the cars were starting to go out on to the grid. We joined very much before the last car, which meant we should have taken our 6th place spot but a Marshall would not less us?! Forcing us to start from 24th on the grid. Due to the amount of standing water on the track there were two sighting laps but the car in front of us was not staying with the pack leaving us to get left behind from the rest of the field. Coming towards the end of the second sighting lap the marker lights/flags went green but Alex was a bit eager to catch up with the already escaping pack and passed the slow moving Clio before the start/finish line. This was to come back and bite us a four laps later. Alex was making good progress and within 4 laps was up to 12 and closing in fast on the cars in front. As he passed the line to start the 5th lap he was shown the black flag for his earlier infringement, bemused and frustrated he lost his concentration causing a missed gear change as he went into Paddock Hill. The car went sideways and he was just a passenger coming to a stop in the rain soaked gravel. With a short gap until the next race by the time the car was recovered we didn't have long to clear out all the gravel and prep it for the second race. This was made worse by the fact the lower paddock had flooded, meaning we had to retrieve our equipment, plus the transporter from a small lake before working on the car. (joys of not having garages available) With the car ready after the call had been made for our race it was sitting on slicks as the track was drying but it was then said it was still too wet in places, so the decision was made to go up to the assembly area on wets. Once we were there it became apparent that it was too dry for full wets but still not quite dry enough for full slicks. As this was really a nothing race we made the decision not to run the car and the day possibly going from bad to worse. Plus wets would have probably over heated in just a few laps. Fingers crossed our next outing will be more successful, this will be on the Silverstone GP circuit with Britcar. 2 x 50 minutes races which the V8 Supercars much prefer rather than these short sprint races.

Posted: May 6, 2017 Return

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First outing of 2017

The first bank holiday of May and it was more than the usual typical bank holiday of weather.

Posted: May 6, 2017

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Posted: Jun 3, 2016

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