Holden Racing UK - UPDATE

We have been a bit quiet recently and also missing from racing too, so I thought I had better explain why.

The last race we entered with the VE ended early due to what we believed was a clutch issue. Once we removed the clutch from the car it was pretty obvious it has been slipping. With a triple plate racing clutch you can usually shim them or replace the carbon plates and all is well again. Upon stripping the clutch down it was found it had a very big shim in it which means it had already been shimmed past its best to retain the stack height. We thought we could just replace the plates ourselves but after a chat with AP Racing it turns out it is a clutch that has to be rebuilt by then. So, off the clutch went back to AP. After a little wait they came back to us and said that the clutch was beyond economic repair, yes, amazingly a £6000 clutch kit was "beyond economical repair" It seems the VE came over with a nice fresh built engine but a clutch that was really hanging on for dear life, although understandable it didn’t have a new one fitted due to the cost. Had our races had standing starts I think we would have had issues much sooner. You may be asking, "Why haven't you been out in the VZ then?" As mentioned above the triple plate carbon clutches are approx. £6000, which for a small team like us is a fair chunk of the racing budget. Through a contact we managed to get an Alcon clutch a little cheaper but unfortunately it has still taken a big bite ouch of the season’s budget. So we have had sit out for a few races to cover the cost of clutch. The other issue is this is not an off the shelf item, which means it has to be made which also delays proceedings. We are due receive the clutch in late August and plan on a couple of test days to make sure all is well before we start racing again. Looks like our next outing now will be September.

Posted: Jul 28, 2016 Return