Thunder Saloons 28th & 29th of March 2015

Our first outing of the year with our VZ was at a very wet and windy Silvertone!

It was a challenging weekend for us which started off with very changable conditions and then a whole lot of rain!

Qualifying was up first and the track was a mix of wet, damp and dry, with this in mind we decided to opt for a set of cut slicks for the changeable conditions, while everyone else was on a mix of wets and slicks. The track conditions were very slippery but towards the end of the session the circuit was getting quicker, unfortunately we set the car a little too soft, which didn't work the tyres hard enough and we only managed 9th place.

Race one and the circuit was very wet, wet and drying in places. Wets was the choice of the day for the entire grid, with us on a brand new set of very, very soft Dunlops, which was fine for the first couple of laps but as the circuit started to dry this became a real problem.

With the track drying the super soft wets started to over heat and even in a straight line the car was starting to float and was moving around alot in the corner. As a precaution we though it best to bring the car in early rather than risk wrecking a set of new wets and more importantly risk damage to the car. With the car back in the pits it became apparent how soft the wet tyres had gotten as it was possible to move the tread around with just your fingers. In hindsight, our custom cut slicks would have been the better option.

On to Sunday and we were set to race at 2pm. All morning it was raining on and off, along with being very windy.

Before the race the heavens opened and wets was the only option, from watching the race before us it was very greasy on track.  The race started and the rain was holding off but after only a few laps in the rain came again creating some treacherous conditions.

Alex had slipped back to tenth but by lap 5 was up to 6th. The Holden was fast closing in on 5th and 4th place when on lap 7, when we spun on someone elese oil, which was to catch out other racers in the field too.

Alex quickly recovered and managed to get the car back up to 6th but the cars in front were too far ahead and the conditions were too bad to gain any time back. If not for the spin 4th place and possibly 3rd would have been for the taking.

Overall 6th place in these condition was not too bad, as even the 4wd cars were struggling, with the lead Subaru spinning off with just a couple of corners to go but luckily managing to recover and take the win.

YouTube - Race 2 incar footage -


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