Almost over before it had really begun...

The weekend didn't start too well for us but it ended with some more silverware for the trophy cabinet!

This weekend we took part in two different championships, these being the Thunder Saloons and QMN. The latter was a single event to make up for the cancelled race a few weeks back.
Saturday morning we had the Thunder Saloons qualifying and with a lot of quick cars we knew we had our work cut out. We went out on older tyres to save our new ones for the races and as expected there were some quick times posted. The top 6 were very close and we qualified 6th.
Thunder Saloons race one was to take place Saturday afternoon. Alex dropped back into 6th at the start as the lighter Camaro was able to accelerate quicker across the line.
Lap three the Holden was hot on the rear of the Camaro into Paddock Hill, losing traction Alex had to make a small correction but he then took a big hit from the Alfa behind which sent him spinning off back wards into the tyre wall.
Fortunately the car was still drivable and Alex got going again albeit in last place and half a lap down. Fired up, he quickly got back up to speed and gave chase. Pushing on he managed to get back up to 7th and was close to 6th place when the chequered flag came out.
The damage from the “accident” was pretty extensive, we quickly set to work trying to get it as straight as we could, so that we could race the next day. After a lot of hammering, pushing, bending and pulling we were able to get the car looking pretty presentable on the outside, albeit it looking a little sorry for itself underneath. Through the winter the car is going to need both quarter panels repairing and the rear end panels replacing.
Out of spare white panels, so back to PWR Red!
QMN qualifying was up first on Sunday, with the usual busy grid and huge variety of cars it was going to be difficult to get a clear run. We were struggling to find a clear lap, then half way through the session as the tyres were coming up to temperature another cars engine let go covering the circuit in oil, with the amount of oil on the circuit it wasn’t going to be possible to go any faster.
We qualified in third place behind the four wheel drive Cosworth of Rod Birley and Jack Tetly in his awesome stars and stripes V8 Opel Manta.
After the QMN Qualifying it was time for race two of the Thunder Saloons and after yesterdays race, things could only get better! Track conditions were not great as it was still slippery from the earlier oil spill and there was lots of saw dust on circuit, so caution was required.
Alex was to start 7th on the grid where he finished in race one but unfortunately a poor start meant he fell back to 9th. Before the end of the first lap he was back up to 8th and began a battle for 7th. Isla was cleverly positioning her Super Copa and was able to get the power down much earlier than the Holden through the corners but coming into lap 8 Alex powered past on the straight taking 6th place.
5th place became ours only half a lap later and 4th was taken the very next lap.
The 3rd place Subaru of Vaughn Fletcher had pulled out a gap of 8 seconds due to the battle going on behind but Alex was chasing him down fast, putting in some quick, consistent lap times.
On lap 10, the leader pulled off with a blown engine (suspected to be caused by rear ending us the day before…)  gifting us 3rd place, so the chase was on for second.
On the last lap Alex had closed the gap to Fletcher down to just two seconds and given another lap 2nd place would have well been possible. A 3rd place finish was a great result after the incident in race one. We also managed to post our best ever Indy circuit lap time during the race.
The QMN race as the last race of the day and also the biggest grid of the weekend.
Alex got a good start and managed to drive round the outside of the V8 Manta at druids taking 2nd place and was then pushing hard to nab 1st place from Rod Birley.
On lap 5 into 6 Rod managed to pull out a bit of a gap due to having better traction with his four wheel drive out of Clearways.
Lap 8, Rod, Alex and Jack caught the tail end of the grid, meaning they had to make there way past the slower cars and other battles happening down the grid. In the traffic Rod was able to extend his lead further due to the Holden getting caught up in other racers battles. This had also allowed the V8 Manta to close the gap up to Alex.
Alex continued to pick his way through the traffic but on lap 12, Jack slung his V8 Manta up the inside of the Holden into Surtee’s and took 2nd place. Getting held up behind a back marker through Clearways meant Jack opened a small gap but Alex wasn’t going to let 2nd place go that easily.
With only 3  laps to go Alex had closed the gap and with just 2 laps to go got back into 2nd on the start/finish straight. The Holden crossed the line in 2nd place with the V8 Manta half a second behind.
After such a bad start to the weekend a 3rd and 2nd place along with our personal best lap time was a great way to end it!
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