Not the end to the weekend we were expecting!

The 16th and 17th of August saw us back at Brands but this time on the GP circuit but the weekend came to a very dissapointing end!

It was a late start for the QMN with qualifying not taking place until after lunch. The weather was on our side with nice, dry conditions but unfortunately a busy track and a saftey car for several laps meant getting the tyres up to temperature and getting a hot lap in was difficult. Third place is where we would start for race one.

Race one got under way but the quick 4wd cars of Rod Birley and Dale Gent were pulling out a strong lead with the Holden struggling to stay with them. The race was very much uneventful for us and we fnished where we started in third place. With Rod coming second and Dale just clinching the win over the line.

Looking back through the data it was clear something wasn't quite right as we had lapped much faster in previous years. 

Race two was not until the middle of the afternoon on Sunday the 17th, so we arrived at the circuit early to make some changes to the car, the main one diff change. With the rain coming and going all morning we were not sure what conditions we would be racing in but as the race approched the rain clouds cleared and the circuit dried out.

All 44 cars headed to the assembly area where we ended up being held for well over an hour due to an incident in the previous race. After patiently waiting for our race to start we were informed the race was to be cancelled with no real explanation. As you can imagine this didn't please any of the drivers and teams who had spent hard earned money and time for a rare chance to race on the GP circuit.

So that was that, no second race for the QMN, time to pack up and go home. We were extremely dissapointed as we had a good chance of winning the second race, especially with the changes we had made to the car in the morning.  

Days after the event it was announced there would be a non-championship race, which will take place on Brands Indy circuit for all cars that were in the assembly area ready to race.

Our next outing is with the CTC on the 6th and then the QMN on Sunday the 7th of September, with the latter being the non-championship event.  


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