We may have been a little quiet since the "accident" at Silverstone but we have been working away getting the car ready for this coming season.

Unfortunately our 2014 preperation is involving a little more work than we expected due to the damage done to the car at Silverstone but things are moving along quickly now and we will have the car ready for our first outing in March.

This coming year we will be entering the Classic Thunder Saloons and some selected QMN races too.

All being well we should be joining the Classic Thunder Saloons at Spa in early October, which means we get to really stretch the Holdens legs! We will also be using the "Bathurst" diff for the first time!

So, what have we been upto since the incident at Silverstone? First up was to strip the car of all the damaged parts. (See above image)

Next up is probably the biggest job we have to do before March, which is remove the engine for a freshen up.

Then we offered up a new wing, bonnet and fitted a replacement headlamp panel, so we can make sure everything lines up before it goes off to the bodyshop.

To help repair our Supercar's side panel damage we have bought another Holden to use for spares.

We looked into the cost of importing two new complete side panels from Australia but the cost of shipping was too high due to the sizes involved. Plus we would have to wait for them to arrive via sea freight.

Fortunately Monkfish had a car they were breaking for spares due to having a wrotten chassis and as all we needed was the side panels this was ideal.

Back in November it arrived like this

We then promptly took a grinder to it, which ended up like this


Just before Christmas the car left us to head over to Legend Vehicle Specialists to have the new side panel fitted and painted.

Also while the car is there it will be having a complete colour change to suit our new livery! We won't reveal what it is just yet but you certainly won't be able to miss us!

More updates to come from the bodyshop when we get some pictures sent over.

On another note, we are pleased to announce that NGK Spark Plugs will be sponsoring us again this year.

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