Not a great weekend for Holden Racing at Silverstone with the QMN Saloons....

....which may bring a premature end to this years racing.

Saturday the 7th of September saw us making the trip up to Silverstone with high hopes as the circuit would suit our V8 Supercar but these hopes are dashed after only 4 qualifying laps.

(image courtesy of MotorV8)

(Image courtesy of MotorV8)

The weather was on our side as we headed out for the first session of the day and Alex was quickly building up pace with Rod Birley in the Escort WRC Cosworth but just as Alex set the fastest time of the session so far on lap 4, he and three other cars were wiped out by Ricky Davies in his BMW M3.

Fortunately we caught the whole incident on camera, which shows how the incident unfolded. Alex and Rod were passing slower cars on the start/finish straight giving them more than enough room when the BMW moves to the inside and drives off the circuit to undertake a slow moving Sierra Cosworth. The BMW then re-joins the circuit and appears not to see Ray in his Mk1 Escort, as he tries to avoid the Escort he pulls straight into Alex in the Holden and Rod in his WRC Escort while they are passing at circa 150 mph!

This turns Rod round sending him backwards into a tyre wall, while Alex is spun into the pit wall and is then t-boned by Rays Escort. All these was caught on both our in car cameras, which can be viewed below.

Alex nursed the battered Holden back to the pits but there was no way we could re-join the session in its current condition.

Video footage can be viewed on the following link

 2013 Video Gallery

The damage :-

Back in the paddock we assessed the damage and decided that if we could get the doors to close properly and stop the wings touching the wheels we could get back out. With some adjustments made with "work shop equipment" (read as hammers and lever bars) we got the doors to close a little better, got some clearance around the wheels and bodged back on a spare bumper. With just minutes to spare we had the car ready for race one, albeit looking like it had been part of a destruction derby!

We were starting the race in third position, which was not bad considering we only completed 4 laps in qualifying, with a few more laps completed poll could have easily been ours.

Just three laps in and it was aparent the Holden was not handling quite how it should, the car was pushing on in right handers and just wouldn't turn in. Alex just had to wrestle the car round and fight to stay on the track. Even with this problem Alex was able to post comparative laps times to the leaders but not able to push hard enough to stay with them and finished a respectable third. Without the damage picked up from the earlier accident, we could have had an even better finish.

(Image courtesy of MotorV8)

(Image courtesy of MotorV8)

Checking over the car after the race, we found a suspension component had cracked, which must have been weakened in the qualifying incident and failed during the race. Unfortunately this is one part that never came with the spares package and with the closest replacement being in Australia, we had to call it a day not only for the weekend but possibly the rest of the season.

We have most of the spares we need but the impact we took in the side has heavily damaged the sill and bent the  B’ pillar into the roll cage.

Car back at the workshop, stripped down and awaiting repair 



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