Our last outing of the year but it wasn't to end on a high.

We were back out at Brands Hatch on the 24th of November but this time for a 30 minute Charity race for sharegift.com to help raise funds for the Genestein Trails (www.shareagift.com/lily).

Our qualifying session was to be the first event of the day at 9am and it was just starting to drizzle. With the circuit not wet enough for full wets we had no choice but to venture out on slicks. Fortunately for the rest of the grid they have a more suited intermidiate tyre avaliable, but as no tyres of this spec are made in V8 supercar size we arn't so lucky.  

Out on track and it was starting to get wetter and wetter, Alex put in 5 laps but it was becoming too wet and the only sensible thing was to cut our loses and bring the car in rather than risk having an off. Unfortunately we were to be starting in 21st place out of 22 cars. Not a big problem though as we know we can power our way back through the pack in the race, or so we thought.


The rain continued to fall, so it was time to fit the car with wets for the race, the only wets we have are a set we got with the car and we were unsure how well these would perform. We also knew the current setup we had on the car wasn't going to be suited to the conditions but with us never having tested the car in the wet we had no choice but to run with what we had.

Race time came and we were out on a very wet track with lots of standing water, this was to be the first time we have ever used the Holden in the wet. The race started and it became very aparent to Alex that the car had zero wet grip, it couldn't put the power down and was pushing on into the corners. Only a couple of laps in a disaster struck Alex lost the rear end coming out of the Druids hairpin, which spun him backwards onto the soaking wet grass, he was now a passanger heading down the hill. The Holden glanced the tyre wall causing damage to the near side of the car.

Alex recovered from the spin and made his way back to the pits for us to check the car over, as it was just light panel damage we adjust the tyre pressures to see if this would help generate any kind of grip and sent him back but the car was still understeering into the bends. Alex made the call to come back in and not carry on as it wasn't risking more damage to the car.

(Lucky to get away with a damaged wing, scrapes, scratches and a dented rear door)

Not a great end to the year but we can't be too dissapointed as we have had a pretty good first seaon with the car.


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