Weekends racing halted by an oily mess!

Last Saturday was to see us back out with the QMN saloons at Brands Hatch but the weekend was going to be over before it had even really started.

Qualifying was up first on a very damp track, but with the circuit not wet enough for full wet tyres we have no choice but to venture out on to track with slicks. (V8 Supercars don't have an intermediate tyre for these types of conditions, the only options is super softs, soft or wet. With the track only damp in places the wets would over heat and be destroyed) 

Cold slicks on a very damp track with rear wheel drive certainly isn't a match made in heaven and within a couple of laps Alex lost the rear end coming out of Graham Hill bend. For the next few laps he was taking it easy as the track was starting to dry out but disaster struck when puffs of smoke started coming through the transmission tunnel and then started bellowing from under the car.

Alex limped the Holden back to the pits and upon opening the bonnet we were greeted with a large oily mess. Something had clearly started leaking and oil had hit the belts spreading oil everywhere. We towed the car back to the paddock to investigate what had caused the issue.

First up was to get the bumper off and clean up the mess, so we could detect where the leak was coming from. After we had cleaned up as much oil as we could we fired up the car and could see the oil leaking out of the dry sump oil pump. The only part it could be was an internal seal and as these units very rarely fail it isn't something you would normally carry a spare of. Even if we had a seal on hand there still wouldn't of been enough time to repair the leak before the first race.

This meant our weekend was over, it was time to load the transporter and head home. It isn't all bad though a fortunately the oil pressure was still fine when the leak occured, it could have been alot worse than a £5 seal failing!

Not hanging around the car was stripped down in the week and a replacement part ordered. All being well we should be back out at Brands Hatch for a 30 minute charity race on the 24th of November. 

The culprit - the dry sump pump stripped down down ready for a new seal

(The culprit - the dry sump oil pump stripped down down ready for a new seal) 


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